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Radio Oxigeno with the beautiful tunes and melodies of Peru. As there are so many radio stations in Peru but few of them are focused on melodies of the son 4 Oxígeno Estaciones de radio.

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Oxígeno FAQ

What channel is Oxígeno on the radio?

Oxígeno is on 102.1 FM.

What frequency is Oxígeno?

The Oxígeno frequency is 102.1 FM.

What is on Oxígeno now?

Click listen now to find out what is playing on Oxígeno now.

What Music genre does Oxígeno play?

Años 80 and news. Décadas and news. Rock and news. Rock Clásico and news.

Oxígeno 102.1 FM Lima Oxígeno 102.1 FM Lima from Perú
Listen to Radio Oxigeno - 102.1 FM FM via is a Radio you must adjust yourself to every frequency. Enjoy whatever comes in